GEROME: An Impressionist Music Fusion Painter

10583249_922437041142972_1406073015_nGerome Meminger Sr., Born in Hampton, Virginia. After retiring from the military, he pursued a hidden artistic passion for painting, becoming an artist, poet, and an author. Gerome’s love of music and painting has brought him to a place in his life that allows him to interpret music through a paintbrush. Gerome expresses himself on canvas in two different ways.  In his studio, he is the fine artist, with a colorful yet more detailed and calculated painting in mind. Now on stage, he transforms himself into a painting maestro and paints what he sees and feels with rhythmic colorful brush strokes that are bold, yet can become long and gentle depending on the music. Keeping with the tempo of the music, Gerome’s painting becomes a performance in itself.  Audiences often pan back and forth between the musician and Gerome until the final note is played and his final brush stroke is made.

Expressing himself with paper, paint and a pen, Gerome writes and paints to stir an emotion, to touch a nerve, or generate a smile, he is a versatile self-taught artist. When looking at a blank canvas and listening to music, a certain mood may come over Gerome. He then searches the canvas for what he calls “The Sweet Spot,” which becomes his starting point. Gerome can visualize the completed work of art in his mind. His preferred medium is a high quality acrylic, due to the fact that sometimes he captures the vision and the story in his mind, He says; “If I wait too long the image and colors slowly fade from my mind and the painting may be lost forever.”  While painting, Gerome doesn’t strive for perfection, he strives to produce a heartfelt emotion in his work.

His style of painting is abstract and impressionist as he calls himself an “ Impressionist Music Fusion Painter”.  His art has been displayed in museums and galleries and is collected throughout the United States and in Europe. Gerome’s work was reviewed for selection in the Smithsonian African America Cultural & Heritage Museum, In Washington D.C. He was commissioned for works to hang in the Hampton University Museum and the Hampton Roads Convention Center in Hampton, Virginia. He has written three book to his credit, one entitled “Poetry Art & Truth” and two children’s books entitled, “The Lonely Little Blue Book” and “The Adventures of The Little Blue Book –Saving Pennies, Nickels and Dollars”.  His books are in several libraries, and major bookstores such as Barnes&Noble.

If you would like to commission Gerome for a painting, provide him with your colors and size, a little background about the piece, and where it will be displayed. He will give you an original “Gerome.” Art by Gerome is pleased to welcome visitors to his quaint studio in Hampton, and he looks forward to meeting you.  In order to accommodate your visit, it is always best to schedule an appointment so you will have his undivided attention!