Hampton Artist Presents ‘Hungry Jazz on Canvas’ at Ferguson Center

It only takes about 5 minutes for Gerome Meminger Sr. to make a masterpiece.

The Hampton native is a fusion painter who combines his passion for art and music when he creates a work of art.

He will do it again Saturday for a crowd at the Ferguson Center. This time, he’s recruited top talent from across the world to join him in his latest project, “Hungry Jazz on Canvas — The Gerome Project.”

The performance will mix fusion painting and music to create various works of art as the audience enjoys food and drinks. Meminger said the show of artistic expression will be “a one-of-a-kind evening.”

“I paint along with the music and I try to make my brush strokes sync with the music and that’s really my instrument on canvas,” Meminger said.

Meminger will perform alongside local, national and international musicians including JP Lilliston of Against All Odds, Zac Hines of Fortresses, Jason Cale of the Jason Cale Trio, Jacques Jones of Osmosis, Dandrick Glenn of The Dandrick Glenn Band and Martin Blockson of Martin Blockson and The Connection.

Smithfield artist Brian Pinner, of Forte Band, and Hampton’s Duane Smith, of The Fuzz Band, will also perform.

The musicians will each play solo as Meminger paints at center stage inside the Ferguson Center. They will each perform original music inspired by jazz musician Miles Davis.

“I didn’t want to just do anything, so I challenged them to create a piece specifically for me, for this event, and do a solo,” Meminger said. “I just want them to say what they want to the world with their instrument. That’s their voice.”

Meminger will paint to the story of the song and the songs will be between 5 and 8 minutes each. All artists involved produced a CD of their original songs that Meminger said will soon be released.

His paintings will be decided live at the event. Meminger said he will feel out the moment, song and mood, then paint from there.

“The canvas is black and I will search for what I call the sweet spot on the canvas and after that I will feel the song, the flow of it and dive into the canvas,” he said.

Dancers will also be included in the performance and Jay Lang, a WHOV radio personality, will host the event.

Originally posted by The Daily Press

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