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Adventures of The Little Blue Book: Saving Pennies, Nickels and Dollars

Adventures-Little Blue-Book- Saving-Pennies,Nickels and-Dollars

Little Blue’s mother and father teach him the importance of saving money and establishing a savings account in a bank. The lessons in this book will have kids saving their money and watching it grow with every deposit.

Author: Gerome Meminger Sr.
Illustrator: Toni M. Thorne

  • Hardcover -Full Color – 36 Pages
  • Autographed
  • $14.99 FREE shipping in the U.S.
Poetry Art & Truth: A Picture and A Story

This very unique and inspirational book of poetry combined with colorful artworks on acid-free glossy paper illustrated by the artist and author, Gerome Meminger, Sr. The poetry becomes the title of many of the paintings in this book of 117 poems. The poems written in this book are short but very profound. Gerome writes just like he paints…with a purpose…not about any one subject…many of the poems may jump-start your day. Please place your order today… ***Yes it is Good…But It is True*** It’s a keeper…or makes a great gift.

Author: Gerome Meminger Sr.

  • Hardcover – 128 Pages
  • $24.99 FREE shipping in the U.S.
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The Lonely Little Blue Book


This book was written to inspire children to visit a library or bookstore to read the wonderful stories locked inside the many books available. This book may encourage them to seek out the stories they have inside themselves.

Author: Gerome Meminger Sr.
Illustrator: Toni M. Thorne

  • Hardcover -Full Color- 36 Pages
  • Autographed
  • $14.99 FREE Shipping in the U.S.
Limited Edition 16″ x 20″Giclee “A World without Me”

A World Without Me

The Limited Edition 16″x20″ Giclee comes with a w/ Certificate of Authenticity. There will only be 250 available.

Cost: $125 ($132.80 after shipping + handling)
Shipping: Print arrives within 2-3 weeks